Sweetgrass Productions, “Solitaire” Premiere

24 09 2011

So I headed down to Denver for the premiere of the new Sweetgrass film, “Solitaire”. It was an awesome premiere and the place sold out, which was rad! I got to catch up with all the old faces from South America and was a great night all around…. Here are some photos from the night! Enjoy!

Also check out http://www.sweetgrass-productions.com/solitaire.html to find out if they are coming to a town near you!!





Powder skiing from Powderwhore

7 02 2011

Sorry everyone, I have not been blogging much lately, but here is a little edit the Powderwhore’s put together for me from their latest film “Television”. Enjoy!!!

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19 11 2010

A little edit I put together from Mexico

22 08 2010

Here is a little edit my fiancee and I put together of a nice surf trip after skiing in Haines!!! Enjoy…. more pics coming from South America, stay tuned!!!


South America Adventures

17 08 2010

Hey everyone….. so I am down in South America right now doing some skiing in the Las Lenas region…. I have been filming with Sweetgrass Productions and shooting photos with Jay Beyer…. the snow here has been sub par, but hopefully will improve soon.. We may be headed off to Bariloche because the snow has been a bit better down there….. here are a few pics from the trip so far.. Enjoy!!!! Chris


3 04 2010

Hey there just about to head to Haines, Alaska with the boys from Powderwhore!!!! I am headed up there with Nick Devore, Will Cardamone, Andy Jacobsen, Noah Howell, and Jay Beyer.

We are going to be flying with Drake, from fly by night I believe…. He is hopefully going to take us up to some good zones. We plan on camping for about 2 weeks and hopefully getting some really good weather, and snow…
I will be occasionally posting, but hopefully we will be skiing most of the time we are there!!!

I am going to be bringing a go-pro, from the friends at Adventure Eye Video Systems who hooked me up, so once I get back I will be putting together a little edit that you will be able to check out on Black Diamonds website.


Video From Alpine Meadows Comp

15 03 2010

Here is a little vid I put together of the Alpine Meadows Telemark Championships.